In Bullet Joe, you play the town’s sheriff. Stuck in a saloon shootout, you will need to shoot down all the bandits, protecting the boss, who want to kill you. Through three levels with increasing difficulty, you will have to be cold-blooded and have tight reflexes to survive.

The Game

Bullet joe is a one input, reflex arcade mini-game for one player, that intends to be added to a larger game: “SIGWARE”. Inspired by the successful game WARIOWARESIGWARE is a collection of all the mini-games created by the third-year video game students, from the SUPINFOGAME school. Each mini game was made by two people: a Game Artist and a Game Designer. In this game I was able to deal with the rules, the mechanics, the sound design, the gameplay, the code, the game structure, the documentation and finally the playtests and “debug”.


Bullet Joe takes place in a fun and offbeat universe although very hostile to the player. The background represents a saloon where various characters are active. All the characters in the set who watch the fight dance to the rhythm of the music, like spectators in an arena.