Level Designer | Game Designer | Project Manager

A VR arcade squash game made with Unity. The final purpose is to release it on Steam.


Bullet Joe

Game Designer | Gameplay programmer

Stuck in a saloon shootout, you will need to shoot down all the bandits who want to kill you. You will have to be cold-blooded and have tight reflexes to survive.


Street Hunt

Level Designer | Game Designer | Project manager

South America, graffities came to life and got out of their walls, and are now spreading chaos around them. Play as a street artist who’s hunting those creatures to steal their colors and put them back on their walls.


Fit In

Level Designer | Game Designer

Agility, strength, but also thinking will be asked of each member of your team who will have to place themselves in shapes. But be careful! If you get out of shape, the other team may be merciless.