PORTFOLIO – Game Projects



Level Designer | Game Designer
Engine : Unreal Engine 4

Graduation project at RUBIKA Supinfogame. Embodying Aélis, a priestess with the ability to manipulate water, the player must open the way for the community he is the guardian of.


Minimal Move

Level Designer Intern
Engine : Unreal Engine 4

Minimal Move is a puzzle game, solo or cooperative, in which the player controls two characters as they discover enigmatic worlds. At each level, the two characters must reach the ending portal by progressing on platforms or by moving them. However, each character can only move one type of platform.



Level Designer | Game Designer | Project Manager
Engine : Unity

A VR arcade squash game made with Unity. The final purpose is to release it on Steam.



Game Designer | Project Manager
Engine : Unity

TACTIBO is a turn-based tactical action programming game made with Unity.


Street Hunt

Level Designer | Game Designer | Project manager
Engine : Unity

South America, graffities came to life and got out of their walls, and are now spreading chaos around them. Play as a street artist who’s hunting those creatures to steal their colors and put them back on their walls.


Bullet Joe

Game Designer | Gameplay programmer
Engine : Unity

Stuck in a saloon shootout, you will need to shoot down all the bandits who want to kill you. You will have to be cold-blooded and have tight reflexes to survive.