My Work

Team – 12 people

Engine – Unity

Type – PC Tactical game

Duration – 2 weeks

Dates – 03/01/2020 to 03/15/2020

Project Manager

  • Manage a team of 12 people.
  • Writing documents :
    • Task list (Google sheet).
    • Production Roadmap.
    • Target Audience.
    • Estimated sales and team budget.

Game Designer

  • Designing game systems.
  • Integration & tweaking (Unity)
  • Writing documents :
    • Game Design Document (PowerPoint).
    • Balancing document (Google Sheet).
    • AI behavior tree (Flowchart)

The Game


TACTIBO is a turn-based tactical action programming game in which the player embodies a deity who manipulates the environment by moving portions of the arena, impacting the patterns of allied “champions” and enemy “challengers”.


This is a two weeks student project where we had to prototype the first iteration of a turn-based tactical game.


Define the AI behaviors, allies or enemies, in an action programming game to make it readable and especially to make it impossible to block the AI in a loop.

Estimate the production time of each task on a project in order to be able to estimate the overall production time.


Control the


Most of the tiles that make up the game arena can be moved. These tiles allow for the player to influence AI behaviors, or kill some of them. You can find, directional order, attack order, trap, etc.



The characters, allies and enemies, are just puppets that will move according to a define pattern. The player manipulates the arena as he pleases to influence their actions.



The player is a divinity and its champions are its worshippers. The purpose, in the original concept was that the arena grows up with the levels and new feast decorations appear.

My mind

It was a very interesting experience for me, the first time I was producer for a team of 12 people and in such a short time. At the beginning this was very hard, because programmers were waiting while game designers were brainstorming. In such a short time you need to make some concessions. But finally we found our rythm, design and brainstorming for a feature were slightly out of sync with the programmers.

As well as the beginning the end was stressful because of last minute bugs and expectations on the quarantine announcement. But the personal qualities of the team allowed us to avoid panic and to be able to deliver our work on time.