My Work

Company – Tako Studio

Engine – Unreal Engine 4

Type – PC Puzzle Game

Players – One or two

Duration – 2 months

Date – 07/15/2020 – 09/14/2020

Intern Level Designer

  • Puzzle design
  • Documents :
    • TLPM (Tease, Learning, Practice, Master)
    • Learning curve
    • Balancing
  • Using tools to make levels

Intern Game Designer

  • Design of new DLC’s mechanics
  • DLC’s mechanics documentation
  • QA Testing



Due to the events related to covid-19, the internship was remote working.

Minimal Move Concept

Minimal Move is a puzzle game, solo or cooperative, in which the player controls two characters as they discover enigmatic worlds. At each level, the two characters must reach the ending portal by progressing on platforms or by moving them. However, each character can only move one type of platform.

Internship Objective

  • Make levels for the Lava and the Moon world using the tool made with Unreal Engine 4.
  • List the levels, organize them to propose an interesting progression to the player.

Puzzle Design Methodology

1. Looking for situation

Narrative intentions :

  • Looking for originals “puzzle shape” or situation.
  • Follow the narrative structure.

Gameplay intentions :

  • TLPM : mechanics introduction and learning.
  • Looking for puzzle “twist”, difficulty levers.

2. LD Brick Sketches

Level design brick sketch, number of steps to complete the puzzle.

3. First level iteration

  • Using the editor in Unreal Engine 4.
  • First simplified version of the level.
  • Make sure the level is finishable.

4. Difficulty adjustment/Polish

  • Make an inventory of the level and define the desired difficulty.
  • Adapt the level by simplifying it or making it more complex so that it fits into the progression curve.