My Work

QUASH! is a multiplayer VR arcade game made with Unity. I mainly worked as a level designer and game designer on this project.

Game Designer :
– Concept and system (ball physics, explosion radius, multiplayer setting)
– Project management (planning, task list)
– Feedbacks
– Shader artist

Level Designer :
– Gameplay and narrative intentions (player accuracy, power and destruction, tribute to retro games)
– Contrasts
– Production

In the game, the goal is to destroy your wall as quickly as possible, but beware, the ball only destroys bricks that are the same color as it is.

Level Design

To organize the level design we decided to focus our levels on three main challenges that players will have to face :

  • Accuracy/Timing : Levels with moving bricks that requires anticipation.
  • Destruction : Big layers completely filled with bricks. Levels like this are here to be “bonuses” or “rewards” for player. They aren’t difficult and the radius of the ball explosion is larger than usual.
  • ReflexThese levels work on alternating colors. To master them the player will have to use his liveliness and reflexes.