Street Hunt takes place in a South American environment where graffities came to life and got out of their walls, and are now spreading chaos around them. The main character is a street artist who’s hunting those creatures to steal their colors and put them back on their walls. To do that, he’ll only use a ball and a bat. Using this bat, he’ll charge power into the ball by hitting it to then strike a deadly shot onto the creatures weak point to take them down.


This game is a boss fight, aimed at mid-core players who are looking for a skill demanding experience on a mobile game. It’s playable on android and is a singleplayer only game. Each boss is different from the others because of two things : their behaviour and the new mechanics they bring, a new way of moving, of attacking with new patterns. All of them have their own difficulty curve and everyone learns to beat them in their own way.


The artistic direction we chose is based on two main inspirations : comics and street art. The idea was to have this “street” vibe inside of a comic book-looking UI. For that we used a lot of gimics that belong to the visual language each of them : screentones, comic books panel, outlines for the comics part, and satured, bright colors as well as 2D graffiti feeling for the Street Art part.

Jump In !

For create this game, we were very inspired by street art. We also took inspiration in the common idea that people have of the south america : carnavals for the bright colors and the feathers on the head of the snake but also the quetzalcoatl, a mythical creature that looks like a giant snake and that is also known to have feathers. The final intentions of our game : push the player to be greedy, feeling of progression and growing strength for the player.