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2 players


25 to 33 years old


Cherub’s tree is a local multiplayer mobile adventure puzzle game in which players play as two angelos, inhabitants of the tree of love to which they are linked. As this tree is located in the centre of the village, they will have to divide the space in two.

Only good communication and coordination will enable them to achieve their goal: to form as many couples as possible as quickly as possible, before madness takes over the village.


Each player takes care of half of the village, and must verbally communicate information to his partner to achieve victory.
They must demonstrate observation, analysis, coordination and also manage their resources well to be able to win.


The inhabitants of the village are at the very heart of the game. Their actions and behaviours are defined by three characteristics: social origin, personality and hobby.

Defeat conditions

  • The required torque quota is not reached before the end of the time limit.
  • The tree of love is destroyed.

Creating couples in love

To form a couple, it is necessary to find as many similarities (characteristics) as possible between two inhabitants using visual clues, their behaviours and the interactions between them.

Character Actions

  • Flying (movement)
  • Get a clue
  • Use special spells
  • Move an inhabitant
  • Create a couple
  • Send an inhabitant to the second player
  • Recovering resources of love


  •  Each player owns half of the village.
  •  Players do not see the entire half they control, but can scroll with their fingers to move the camera in one direction.


The main advantage of this concept is that there is currently no competition for this type of game. In addition, it could be of interest to many dating application brands.