Fit In is a team game in which you will have to put your head and body to work to achieve victory. Agilitystrength, but also thinking will be asked of each member of your team who will have to place themselves in shapes. But be careful! If you get out of shape, the other team may be merciless.

The Game

Fit In is an alternative controller game, in other words, the controller is out of the ordinary. In our case, it is the players’ bodies that are the joystick. We carried out this project in a group of 6 people. I was mainly able to deal with the rules, the game mechanics, the level design (a very important part of the game, but let’s see this in the level design part) and the installation of the video projector.


Fit In is a fun and pleasant game played without too much thought and based on the assumption that players are fair play. It’s a perfect game to play with friends during an evening or to entertain the public at shows or conventions.