Context – Internship at Cyanide Studio

Engine – Unreal Engine 4

Game Type – 1st person stealth game

One player

Dates – 01/2022

Duration – 1 week

Level Designer Work

  • Narrative and gameplay intentions
  • 2D level design
  • Blockout:
    • Points of view/Establishing shots
    • Mix of “BSP” and “Static Mesh” use
    • Scaling and metrics
    • Lighting
    • References and coherence research
    • Narration:
      • Global narration
      • Player objectives
      • IA dialogs
      • Environmental storytelling
    • Balancing:
      • IA patrols and placement
      • Loot placement
      • Ziplines and ladders


    • Context: Building of a castle in feudal Europe.


    • Theme: Domination and subjugation relationship of the nobility over the “workers” (Third Estate). Illustration of the means: repression, manipulation, deceit,…


    • Gameplay: Verticality

    The mission

    The mission is separated into 4 areas that the player passes through. To build them up and use contrasts easily, I use curves which depend on the difficulty but also the player emotional intensity. The aim is to link gameplay and narrative in a coherent way.


    1. Introduction: Forest


      Challenge: This small introduction in a dark place allow the player to becomes familiar with "crouch", "ladder" and "zipline".

      Emotional intensity: It ends with a huge point of view allowing the player to discover the castle, his objectives and the path he will probably take to reach the next landmark.


      2. The way to the castle


        Challenge: Introduction to guards and small open places. Practice of "crouch", "ladder" and "zipline".

        Emotional intensity: Teasing on the fate of those who do not work hard enough on the site. Small hints on the question of why the lord wants it to go fast


        3. The castle courtyard


          Challenge: It start with a big open area with a lot of guards, but the way through them is not too hard to find. Practice of "crouch", "zipline", "ladder" and "guard avoidance".

          Emotional intensity: Start slowly with the first court dominated by a stonemason hut. It become extreme with the discovery of the gallows and the horror of the workers repression.


          4. Inside the castle


            Challenge: The room is not big but there is a lot of guards and their patterns are fast. To progresse the player need a key which is in the centre of the room. Mastery of "crouch" and "guard avoidance".

            Emotional intensity: It's the climax of the mission, in the last room the player encounter his target who is preparing a revolt on the site. Will he choose to eliminate it or not...



            On the one hand I want to tell the player about the difficulty to build a castle in a difficult environment such as the top of a mountain, on the other hand I want to show him the subjugation and repression of the “workers”.

            Build a castle

              1 - Transporting resources from outside to the site

              2 - Store resources, carts and horses at the bottom of the site

              3 - Use the scaffolding system to bring the stones to the top of the site

              4- Cutting stones in the stonemason hut

              5- Use them to build the castle


                The lord who ordered the construction of the castle wants the work to progress ever faster, even if it means repressing the workers.


                Cathar Castles

                  Guélédon Castle