My Work

Team – Myself

Engine – Unreal Engine 4

Type – Blocktober

Dates – 2021

Level Designer

  • References research
  • Paper level design (zones locations)
  • Scaling and metrics
  • Blockout production (BSP) :
    • Points of view/Establishing shots
    • Small open world design
  • Narrative/Quest thinking
  • Dev small features (quest system + minimap) with blueprints


2021 Blocktober participation. Construction of a city, inspired by Scottish castles, which could be in “The Witcher 3“.

Project purpose

The project goal is to train me to make a blockout map of an “open area” for a chosen project. I’m working on landmarks, points of view and navigation through the level.

I also ask myself how to signify important places or use environmental narration for hypothetic quests.

Map organisation

(1) Town Entrance

  • Inn and quest board location
  • Starting point of the area (establishing shot and view on the landmarks (5/2/6))

(2) Castle

  • First main landmark
  • Quest continuity location (dialogues and political issues)

(3) Foreigners camp

  • Quest continuity location (racial issues/teasing for another country)

(4) Dock and market

  • Quest continuity location (encounters, link to another area, bandits and confrontation)

(5) Graveyard

  • Second landmark
  • Main quest continuity location (mystery place)
  • Accessible only with key
  • Place for fights with monsters

(6) Mysterious square dungeon

  • Final landmark
  • Main quest ending location (climax, secret discovery)
  • Last accessible area

Level intentions

  • Make a castle inspired by Scotland Middle Ages
    • Use references of scottish lands
    • Use references of scottish castles such as Eilean Donan and a bunch of others
  • Make a level that could have been inĀ  “The Witcher 3”
    • Research on “The Witcher 3” player navigation and points of interest
    • Novigrad
    • Scaling and ambiance of “The Witcher 3”
  • Island + castle = crazy level

Level progress