My Work

Team – Myself

Engine – Unreal Engine 4

Type – Blocktober

Duration – 2 weeks

Dates – 2019

Level Designer

  • References research
  • Paper level design
  • Scaling work
  • Blockout production



2019Blocktober participation. Construction of a city, inspired by Scottish castles, which could be in “The Witcher 3“.

Project purpose

The project goal is to train me to make blockouts map with imposed mechanics. I’m looking to work on landmarks, points of view and navigation through the level. I ask myself how to make the player want to go where I want.

Level intentions

  • Make a level taking place in Scotland Middle Ages
    • Use references of scottish lands
    • Use references of scottish castles such as Eilean Donan and a bunch of others
  • Make a level that could have been inĀ  “The Witcher 3”
    • Research on “The Witcher 3” player navigation and points of interest
    • Scaling and ambiance of “The Witcher 3”
  • There must be a city


Iterative process am I using on this project.

1. References research

  • Looking for interesting references using “PureRef”.
  • Research on scottish castles (Eilean Donan Castle).

3. Make primary blockout

  • Use the paper level design to set up a first blockout map.

2. Paper Level Design

  • Make blueprints and drawing top view to determine the global organisation of the level.

4. Scaling work

  • Use “the witcher 3” to determine the metrics to be employed.