My Work

Team – Myself

Engine – Portal 2 Puzzle Editor

Type – Mod

Duration – 1 month

Date – 2019

Level Designer

  • Puzzle Design
  • Player progression
  • Gameplay and narrrative intentions
  • Levels construction
  • Contrasts (semantic, pictorial, spatial)
  • Composition (Landmarks, establishing shots, …)


  • Personal project with the objective to use an ingame editor, and its constraints, to create unusual and contrasted levels.
  • Create a 3 levels campaign telling the progression of the player through a mysterious place with a special functionning : “Target City”.

Narrative intentions

The campaign tells the story of the player’s ascension in a gigantic city filled with monumental buildings. The player starts in the depths and then climbs through the middle levels before reaching the main tower.


  • It all starts in the lower part of the city where the player progresses between sewers and narrow streets. He learns the mechanics that will be used later (Level 1).
  • In the middle levels of the city, the player makes his way jumping from building to building (Level 2).
  • The player need to find a way to enter into the main scary tower : The Target Tower (Level 3).

Gameplay intentions

Portal 2 is a particularly well-known game and there are already dozens of mods and levels using all the possibilities of the mechanics that the game offers. My intention was more to create an original puzzle atmosphere than to propose difficulty.

  • Challenge the player on his reactivity and timing. Here, the bumper sequence prevents the player from knowing where to put his portal until the last moment.
  • Give the player the impression that he can make wall jumps and jump from building to building without difficulty. Bumpers guide the player to the next puzzle area smoothly and effortlessly.