My Work

Team – Myself

Engine – Creation Engine

Type – Dungeon of RPG

Duration – 1 month

Date – 2018

Level Designer

  • Gameplay and narrative intentions
  • Paper LD
  • Player progression
  • Environment storytelling

Project : Creation Kit

First part of a four-parts quest, the player recounts the adventures of an evil magician who tried to steal the famous powerful magic stick of the daedra Sheogorath. I’ve placed all the objects, walls, enemies and narrative notes. I worked on the narrative part, writing the notes. All of this was done using the “Creation kit” provide by Bethesda.

Gameplay intentions

This quest need to take place in the middle of the player adventure, but for the first part of the quest I didn’t want to challenge on fights.

I wanted to work on prevention by putting up a lot of fences and clues about the presence of enemies.

Enemies are not really strong but there are quite a few of them. There are some magical traps to watch out for, fllowing the story of the wizard.

The many rewards allow the player to prepare himself to the next part.

Narrative intentions

Sheogorath is a cunning and mischievous god. Revenge for the theft of his staff must be terrible. That’s why he’s going to play with the evil wizard by pressuring him and making him believe that he’ll be able to leave if he gives him a piece of the stick. But each time the wizard ends up in darker places.

The narration is mainly transmitted through notes left in the wizard’s former campsites. The player advances while understanding what is going to happen to him.