My Work

Team – Myself

Engine – Unreal Engine 4

Type – Fast FPS

Players – Multiplayer Map (Free For All)

Duration – 2 weeks

Dates – 2019

Level Designer

  • Narrative and gameplay intentions
  • Paper LD
  • Props integration
  • Blockouts (BSP) :
    • Metrics
    • Lighting
    • Level


Blockout¬†of a map of “free for all” to 4 players, made with the level editor of unreal tournament 4 (Unreal Engine 4). On this project, I did the research work for narrative, gameplay intentions and references. I did all the blockout, lighting, weapons and bonuses placement.

Gameplay intentions

The intention is “information gathering” mainly through observation.

The purpose is to provoke a loop like: observation, planning, action.

The player takes information about the location of other players and the timing of bonuses and then “throws himself” into the battlefield before to an “information gathering” position again.

  • Level organization in relation to the intentions :
    • High areas on the edges with views over a large part of the level.
    • A main “war zone” down below, slightly labyrinthine.
    • Difference in the lights color according to the zones so that the player can situate himself in this symmetrical level:
      • Blue : Left part
      • Green : Right part
      • Red : Underground
  • Assets additions for players to take information :
    • Main bonus (shield belt) visible and located in the center of the map.
    • Use of windows and wire meshes through which the player can see but not shoot.
    • Teleporters on each side of the map to be able to quickly reach your opponents.

Narrative intentions

The level takes place in a top-secret government-run scientific testing laboratory where high-powered weapons are developed and produced. Observation posts allow the tests and production to be supervised, while underground facilities are reserved for the darkest experiments. The characters fight for possession of the laboratory.